Just wanted to post about my favorite nail polish color-It’s Time to Rock by Sephora. It’s a very pretty metallic silver, with flecks of other colors like purple and blue. Plus, it’s only $4! You can also buy a lot of other awesome colors from Sephora for $4, like Myrtille, a deep blue, and Valentine, a pale pink. Comment on this post if you found it helpful. Thanks!!!!!!

10/6- Julia

Hey guys! This week I am going to post about hair. A simple hairstyle I like is a braid in a braid. You can make it in just three easy steps!

Step One: Make a half-up and braid that section of hair.

Step Two: Grab that braid and braid it into a regular braid running  down your back.

Step Three: Finished!

Try it and let me know what you think!

9/27- Julia

Hey guys! Happy Friday. Just wanted to share my outfit today…





I really like the idea of bright pants with a white shirt. It’s an awesome pop of color! I really like the words on the shirt too. “Miss Daisy and the Jazz Messengers- A Night in Paris”. Not sure what that means but it sounds cool!

As for hair today, I have a simple trick for making a bun. Make a single braid down your back and twist it into a bun. Pretty and easy!

One last announcement- Modern Family Season 5 premiered on Wednesday. Now that it’s Friday, its time for some TV!

Hope this his helped you and happy weekend!



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